Managed Ownership

OzAir Managed Services

Do you want more than a fractional, but can’t justify full jet ownership? Burgess Aircraft Management can get you in the air on your own jet with a common sense approach to Managed Joint Ownership. Whether you just want a plane to fly your family around, or your business is beyond buying commercial tickets but not wanting a full-fledged flight department, owning a jet with a group and leasing the airplane to our charter company to offset the cost just makes sense.

The program is simple: Burgess Aircraft Management will guide a group of like-minded investors with similar needs in finding the right aircraft, facilitate the financing and purchase, structure a lease-back wherein Burgess Aircraft will maintain operational control of the aircraft, and certificate the aircraft for use on the charter market. The owners are then free from the hassles of managing and crewing an aircraft, but able to take advantage of the benefits of jet ownership.

 But how can buying a jet require no capital up front and little or no yearly fixed cost?

The primary advantage of leasing the aircraft back to Burgess Aircraft Management rather than owning the aircraft outright between partners is the ability to offer the airplane on OzAir’s Part 135 charter certificate. This item in the toolbox will allow ownership of the aircraft while only paying for the time you use. The charter offset will help facilitate a net-zero financial situation, while tax depreciation and access to the aircraft make a nice profit. A secondary benefit to leasing is likewise tax related. Joint ownership, according to specific IRS rulings, is a noncommercial endeavor for the purposes of taxes. However, once the owners release operational control to a third party (In this case, Burgess Aircraft Management), then the tax penalties do not apply and owners are free to depreciate the aircraft value over a shorter period of time. No money down, in other words, and a tremendous tax advantage.

Beyond the financing, the OzAir advantage is clear. Zero overhead: no need to pay a salaried flight crew, and fuel, hangar and insurance costs met through charter. In addition, access to professional staff and experienced flight crew – with a combined total of 55,000 flight hours between our pilots.

With this opportunity, the question of why you would buy a jet suddenly becomes why wouldn’t you.

Dude, where’s my jet?
Why OzAir beats Fractionals

Why pay top dollar for 1/16th of a plane you never see, plus monthly fees while you still end up having to wait around the airport. At OzAir we’re always on your schedule. You can show up 10 minutes before your departure and we’ll make it out on time. But time is only one way we beat the fractionals. One word puts us ahead of the mass-market airplane ownership crowd: efficiency.



Cost of a flight

Hourly operating cost plus flight crew by the day

High hourly cost with additional fees beyond crew and operating cost

Financials and fees

Charter offset with no hidden fees. You pay for the time you use

Very high comparative management and infrastructure fees

Aircraft use

You fly YOUR airplane

You get the airplane that parks at the ramp

Crew options

Crew you know every time

Different faces on every flight

Depreciation opportunity

Standard depreciation opportunity

High use of aircraft leads to rapid depreciation

Corporate Culture

Full transparency, professional culture and a 417 area code

A 1-800 number and hold times


Above and beyond customer service. Secure parking, concierge service and trip planning, custom services. We’ll remember that you like cashews over peanuts

Basic services