Sarah Wildman

s_wildman450Sarah Wildman has always had a dream of flying. She grew up watching F-16s fly over her family farm on their approach to the local airport. Sarah earned a B.S. in Aeronautical Technology from Kansas State University, and worked as a flight instructor during her last year of school. She then spent two years as an intern for FlightSafety International in Wichita, Kansas.

That internship had her co-pilot for clients’ initial and recurrent training in the full-motion simulators for the CE-525 and CE-560XL aircraft types. Those clients came from all over the world, and provided a unique learning experience. Additionally, Sarah volunteered as a tow pilot for the local glider club and was very active in Civil Air Patrol’s Kansas Wing.

Sarah now flies OzAir’s CE-525 and CE-560XL aircraft. She loves reading, staying in touch with her family, and connecting with friends.